Tuesday 23 April , 2019

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Accommodation in Padua for exchange students

SASSA Service/ESU Accommodation plans to find a solution to the search of accommodation for students taking part in Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies and other bilateral exchange programmes, for researchers and for  those who arrive in Padua through the tight web of international exchange programmes created by the University of Padova.

Founded as an accommodation office, SASSA also provides other services not only related to accommodation. Students are helped with gathering and completing the documents required for enrolment and application for the residence permit and are given useful information in order not to loose their head in the first moments of their stay.

Your one way

to become an exchange student at the University of Padova

1. Fill in and submit the Accommodation Form pressing the SEND button in the end.

2. You will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. If you do not receive our e-mail the form has not been sent correctly.
3. Check up on our website for any information you may need.

4. Remember that the Accommodation Form is mandatory,
so you have to fill it even though you do not need an accommodation.


Information about Accommodation ESU

Every year ESU (the Regional Agency for the Right to Education) offers to international exchange students a  variable amount of places in residence halls. Usually, the number of applicants is higher than the available places. For this reason, not all applications can be satisfied and only those submitted before the deadline (June 30th for the first semester and November 15th for the second) will be taken into consideration.



If you can not, do not want or do not know how to cook...

ESU manages three canteens that can be accessed by all international students and other foreign guests. Canteens are located in town near the main academic centers, and in Legnaro at Agripolis Campus.


Guest Lodges

More and more international and non international students come to Padua for a period of study, work or holiday and attending its university. For all these people ESU provides modern equipped lodgings located in the neighbourhood of the main university sites and well linked with the city centre. There are different kind of accommodation offers: rooms, suites and flats for daily, weekly and monthly stay. According to the accommodation, additional facilities  such as porter’s lodge, internet connection, laundrette, etc. make the stay more comfortable.



The second assignees list for the second semester is online!


Don’t ask questions that already have an answer

How can I contact SASSA?
SASSA is open all year round (except on public holidays), 5 days a week, for 7 1⁄2 hours a day. If you can’t come to our office you can email (best choice), phone or fax us.