Wednesday 21 August , 2019


If you do not know, do not want or can not cook ...

The ESU manages three canteens to which all the international mobility of students and other foreign guests can access. Canteens are located both in the city close to the major academic centers and in Legnaro in Agripolis campus.

In recent years, ESU has made a big effort to improve the quality of the catering service, all directly managed canteens are now certified with the quality mark ISO 9001:2000. This result was achieved thanks to the attention paid to customer satisfaction through the use of tools i.e. communication systems, and also thanks to a management company catering to continuous improvements and innovations introduced in the tender.


Prices of the canteen change accordingly to the type of students, for example Erasmus+ students have the tariff C1. Tariffs are modified every year, the academic year 2017/2018 set prices are:

€ 5,70 for a full meal

€ 4,60 for half meal


Opening Hours of Dining Halls

From Monday to Friday from 11.45 to 14.30.

Saturdays are open on rotation.



Canteen Manager Direct ESU

San Francesco
Via S. Francesco, 122 — tel. 049 8235688
Nord Piovego
Via G. Colombo, 1 — tel. 049 8071530/8071474
Viale dell'Universita, 16 – 35020 – Legnaro (PD)
tel. 049.8839219